Insecure’ Star Jay Ellis Partners With Meta On The Launch Of Metaverse Culture Series

“The ultimate goal is to involve the Black community, whether socially, thru community, or for profit. ‘There’s no reason to be left out,’ Ellis proceeds, ‘and there’s no reason that voices of all colors, particularly Black voices, who often drive culture not just domestically but globally, can’t be at the forefront of this.’

When it comes to Black people exploring VR opportunities, Ellis emphasizes the importance of community and connection. ‘The fact that people can connect in this space from all over the world, including places you may have always wanted to visit, such as the Eiffel Tower or the pyramids, is reason enough to familiarize yourself with this space.’ He believes that passion is another key factor that will allow more Black creatives to enter the space.

Being able to sit in a room with other people and have his avatar’s hands move in sync with his own was a game-changer for Ellis.”

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