Explore Miami Gardens Through The Metaverse

Did you know that you can explore 3D recreations of nearly a dozen buildings and facilities in Miami Gardens using a phone, tablet, or virtual reality headset? Miami Gardens, Florida, partnered with a virtual reality platform called CEEK VR to design a digital recreation of the city that includes landmarks like Hard Rock Stadium and amenities like parks and senior centers. People can explore the city using a digital avatar.

CEEK VR CEO Mary Spio says, “The metaverse is a great way for residents and would-be visitors to experience the best [Miami Gardens] has to offer … well beyond just having a website with videos.” Spio adds that this technology makes the experience “as immersive as possible.” The project’s next phase will allow people to attend events virtually, which is ideal for people who can’t attend in person.

We love how the metaverse and virtual reality are connecting residents to city services and helping visitors and businesses learn about the community. What’s your take?

You can visit it by going to https://discovermiamigardens.com/metaverse/.


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