Blockchain Developer Platform Alchemy Releases AI-Powered Tools for Web3 Builders

Alchemy, a renowned blockchain developer platform, has recently announced the launch of AlchemyAI – a set of advanced tools designed to facilitate web3 developers in accelerating the development process of their products, while also enabling quick access to on-chain data.

With the introduction of AlchemyAI, the platform will be offering two primary products – ChatWeb3 and Alchemy ChatGPT Plugin – that will cater to the specific requirements of web3 developers. These products are expected to be made available to users in the coming weeks, providing them with the necessary features and functionalities to streamline their development efforts.

AlchemyAI’s suite of tools will harness the power of AI to assist developers in enhancing their workflow and optimizing their product development timelines. With these cutting-edge capabilities, web3 developers can expect to save valuable time and resources, while also gaining quicker access to on-chain data, improving their overall efficiency and productivity.

Apart from the in-app AI assistant, Alchemy has developed a distinct plugin for ChatGPT that is available through OpenAI’s Plugin Marketplace. This plugin can be accessed via OpenAI’s Plugin Marketplace and is currently capable of retrieving data from various blockchains such as Arbitrum, Ethereum, Polygon, and Optimism. Alchemy has plans to expand this feature to support all blockchain networks that it currently supports.


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